Recipe Research & Development

AT OUR research and development facility at CARRD, we conduct a wide array of tests to ensure our products are consistent and of the quality that our customers have become to know and love. We have trained team who work solely on quality control, recipe formulation, menu ideation, product development, market trend analysis, and food styling/photography.


The task of quality control is one of the most important things we do at CARRD. We test all the products for exacting standards for taste, quality, and consistency. Some of these tests include measurements of fill weights and drain weights, product color variances, examining for proper texture, and taste. If a variance from our quality standards is found, we identify the problem and correct it immediately.


We also monitor current market reports and research to identify new trends in the retail and food service markets. After thorough review, we use this information along with customer input to develop new products that will benefit them in their respective markets. Another large part of our research and development program is to perform recipe formulation and menu ideation for our retail and food service customers. We work one on one with chefs from around the world to develop recipes and menus that will showcase both our products and their cooking skills. Whether in our kitchen or theirs, we continually strive to meet the needs our customer.


A unique aspect of the work we do at CARRD is to assist in all food styling and photography for our Company’s product promotions and commercials. Our team has worked in fine dining restaurants around the world to hone their culinary skills and ensure our customers are on the forefront of any culinary trends.

In the culinary research and development department at CARRD, we perform many different functions to provide our customers with the necessary products and support that they need to be successful. Whether it is providing quality assurance/control, menu ideation, recipe formulation, product development, or food styling, CARRD always has a solution for you. Please feel free to contact our team at any time is you have product or recipe questions or need assistance.


Recipe formulation is another key part of the culinary research and development department at CARRD Foods. Recipes are formulated for our company website, product label promotions, recipe cards, holiday pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, national chain restaurants, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

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